Unit 3:Assignment 2 – Regarding the Pain of Others (photographs)

By Lilly Sandoval

Chapter 1:Description:  “How in your opinion are we to prevent war?”

Summary: Chapter 1 talks about using art as a way to display war. These photographs are meant to capture the harsh realities that accompany war. The hope is that those with good will , who see the photographs, will do something to change it. Yet even with good intent there needs to be some sort of action taken otherwise the violence will continue. War has no bounds, it kills men, women and children of all ages. Yet sometimes people have different responses to war; whether it be a call for peace, an urge to seek revenge or just a new awareness. 

Chapter 6: Description:  Human beings have a “love of mischief”, which is just as natural as sympathy.

Summary: All photos have a purpose or message that they want to convey. The parts which catch the eye most are the dark aspects in images. It’s similar to a sense of curiosity however its a desire to see pain. It’s easier to see the pain of others and dismiss it , because it’s not your own. Many fear looking because it may somehow reach them. We as humans have compassion but without action it means nothing. 

Chapter 8:Description:  The use of photographs to display tragedy.

Summary: Much of life’s tragedies are caused by human wickedness. All humans feel tragedies when they occur, but at different levels. It’s hard to find one’s place when traoccurs, many don’t enjoy the tragedy, yet as humans it’s hard to look away. We may use memory to keep the story of these people alive. However many see so many tragedies displayed on the news and in the media, to where it’s become the norm to look away. If we could do something to change the outcome, would we?

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