Unit 4 assignment 1 Cathy Diop

Mary Church Terrell majored in Classics at Oberlin College and was one of the first African American women to earn a degree. She grew up in a family that was financially stable, religious, and conservative. Mary’s parents were former slaves, while she herself was born after emancipation. Ida B. Wells was born a slave but several months later was emancipated. She was doing her early schooling at Shaw University, which her father had helped create, but her parents died from yellow fever so she left school to take care of her siblings. Both women were frustrated with living in a country that claimed one thing and did the other. Jim Crow and prejudice led to the ignoring and disrespect of colored individuals and this made people mad and upset. Furthermore, the disrespect for colored bodies led to society as a whole coming together as a mob and disrespecting them socially and physically. As women, they both were activists for women’s rights and suffrage and they both played huge roles in the NACW. Wells suggests that we as a country put more focus and attention on our own problems and violence so that we can be proud of our country when we go abroad. They mention the societal benefits, economic benefits, and moral benefits of stopping anti-black violence.

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