Unit 4 Post 2 Cathy Diop

Page 83

I selected this pictorial depiction because I thought it did a really good job of portraying the violence and fervor behind the crowd and the people they represent in this excerpt well. The crowd is large with lots of passion and anger that can be seen in the depictions of the faces of members of the crowd. The sharp cuts and angles of the middle section of this page have the effect of making the depiction more sharp and even more alarming. In addition, they cut the reader/viewer due to how ragged and sharp the shape of the depictions are. There is something to be said for this entire page having a black background and while it portrays that it is nighttime, it also creates a scary yet ominous tone and environment. Furthermore, the darkness foreshadows something bad happening. The slant of the church in the first portion of this page allows for the slanting “Boom” to have a greater role visually and to convey that the crowd is pushing against the church and who is inside the church and what ideas they hold. The use of speech bubbles creates a space to represent the spoken sentiments of the angry crowd depicted. To have this page only have speech bubbles from one side, the angry white crowd, adds more strength to this page because it allows for the representation from the depiction to be understood quite clearly. I feel that the cumulative effects of this page in its depiction is that it allows for a deeper understanding of how tense things were in the moment portrayed and the various emotions possibly present at the time. The graphic rhetoric of this page makes the depiction of the event and the emotions less flat and more realistic. By doing so, the audience is able to better resonate with the story and to have a deeper understanding.

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