Unit 5: Assignment 1 by Gwenyth Van Doren

“Ritualizing the Past: Ralph Lemon’s Counter-Memorials” by Nicholas Birns

!: The idea that “‘historical experience’ is in fact still taking place” and “we still have the power to construct it [the past].”

?: What is the audience’s response to Lemon’s Counter-Memorials? Have people become lazy in self-education because we assume somebody else will educate us? 

“Performance Remains” by Rebecca Schneider 

!: The idea of generational trauma in “Here the body … becomes a kind of archive and host to a collective memory we might situate, with Freud, as symptomatic, with Cathy Caruth after Freud as the compulsory repetitions of a collective trauma.” Also, I liked this statement “Death appears to result in the paradoxical production of both disappearance and remains.”

?: As history “disappears” and “remains”, what is our role in choosing what “remains” and then how is this history told to future generations based off what we have chosen gets to “remain”?

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