Unit 5 Assignment 1–Natalie Zhu (19th Jan)

unit 5 post 1 due Monday 8:00 pm: Get back into the swing of things with brief ! & ? about each of the readings, Schneider and Birns; include quotation or page numbers or key words or ideas in your post. Remember to tag your professor under “category.”

Rebecca Schneider, “Performing Remains”:

!: Oral history is created for preserve history, but in fact, it leads to greater loss because it has no identicality.

?: If we say that performance will disappear every time it’s performed, can we say that performance itself is a form of self-annihilation, as mentioned in the text? If so, then what’s the purpose of producing performances, and how is it preserved/lost in our memory?

Nicholas Birns, “Ritualising the Past: Ralph-Lemon’s Counter-Memorials”

!: “The vacancy of the present does not mean America has recovered from its past” (21). There are traumas that will never heal, and building a memorial means that we honour the ones died in the past, not we have already done something for them so we can set this history aside and don’t need to care for it any more. 

?: What will be the best way to preserve performance? Will it be written notes of the choreograph, or videotaping? I know performance will be lost after it’s performed, but we’re still looking for a way to preserve it as much as possible. (20)

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