Unit 6 Assignment 2 by Simon Cheng


This is an amazing linking passage for science and writing. The first is “shallowly optimistic” (Page 5) in the latter’s mind, while the latter’s social attitudes are recognized as “contemptible” (Page 7) 

“Each of us is solitary: each of us dies alone: all right, that’s a fate against which we can’t struggle—but there is plenty in our condition which is not fate, and against which we are less than human unless we do struggle” (Page 6)

“Literature changes more slowly than science. It hasn’t the same automatic corrective, and so its misguided periods are longer” (Page 8)

“At one pole, the scientific culture really is a culture, not only in an intellectual but also in an anthropological sense. That is, its members need not, and of course often do not, always completely understand each other.” (Then literature will be more “cultural” than scientific for more of them do not completely understand each other, Page 9)

“…more scientists are in religious terms unbelievers…slightly more scientist are on the Left in open politics” (This goes back to the science against the “traditional”, Page 10)

Music is an important exception in art for scientist. (Page 13)


I don’t think two cultures are “self-improvised” in terms of other cultures’ books (Page 13~14)

Top 10 scientific theories and experiments: Second Law of Thermodynamics, mass, and acceleration (Page 15); refraction and polarized light (Page 16)

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