Unit 6 Assignment 2- Jamie Aciukewicz

!: There is a huge divide between humanities scholars and scientists which often leads to competitiveness about which discipline is more “important”.

“Literary intellectuals at one pole — at the other scientists, and as the most representative, the physical scientists. Between the two a gulf of mutual incomprehension — sometimes (particularly among the young) hostility and dislike, but most of all lack of understanding.” (4)

?: How has the bridge between the two sectors changed over time?

“Thirty years ago the cultures had long ceased to speak to each other: but at least they managed a kind of frozen smile across the gulf. Now the politeness has gone, and they just make faces.” (17)

Recognized: Mendel, Newton, Curie, Pavlov, plate tectonics, relativity, evolution by natural selection, and heliocentrism. 

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