Unit 6 Assignment 2 Peter Rock

!: People are naturally alone and unhappy, on page 6 Snow expresses a belief shared with scientists that “each of us is alone: sometimes we escape from solitariness, through love or affection or perhaps creative moments, but those triumphs of life are pools of light we make for ourself while the edge of the road is black.” This expresses a belief that people are naturally alone and sad. Any happiness a person experiences is a brief respite from a bleak life.

?: Does Snow quote a scientist accusing great poets and authors of contributing to the Holocaust? On page 7, Snow mentions several famous writers including Nobel Prize winning poet William Butler Yeats and asks: “Didn’t the influence of all they represent bring Auschwitz that much nearer?” This is odd, as it does not provide much explanation of how these writers were in any way evil, even a sort of evil that is banal.

Top 10 Scientific Theories:

  • General Relativity, Albert Einstein, 1915
  • Evolution by Natural Selection, Charles Darwin, 1859

Top 10 Scientific Experiments:

  • Pavlov’s Dogs

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