Unit 6 Post 1 by Sarah Zhang

!: The two cultures mentioned are the scientific and the literary / art culture. The quote that got me is “The other is our tendency to let our social forms crystallise. This tendency appears to get stronger, not weaker, the more we iron out economic inequalities: and this is specially true in education. It means that once anything like a cultural divide gets established, all the social forces operate to make it not less rigid, but more so.” This for me, is especially true in western culture where individualism is of great importance. People feel anxiety and threatened when the boundary that separates themselves from others disappear. At the same time, the idea of “other” is of such importance for maintaining our own identity that the more we realize that there exists a boundary, the more we try to blur it, but at the same time the more we rely on this boundary to maintain autonomy and uniqueness.

?: What is the conversation that can be found between the two cultures? How can they communicate with each other? Why do we need to ask the two cultures to be comprehensible for each other?

scientific theories that I recognized:

  • Plate Tectonics,
  • General relativity,
  • Evolution by natural selection,
  • Heliocentrism

Scientific experiments that I recognized:

  • William Harvey: The discovery of blood circulation
  • Gregor Mendel: The fundamental rules of genetic inheritance
  • Isaac Newton: The nature of color and light
  • Ivan Pavlov: The discovery of conditioned reflexes
  • Robert Paine: The disproportionate impact of keystone species on ecosystems

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