Unit 7, Post 1: Akhmatova- Erin Simard

!: It’s interesting to me that the beginning of a period of dehumanization in Russia (and the more I think about it, I’m realizing in other countries as well) began with the death of art. Honestly, I had never really considered how important art is, but I think that speaks a lot to art’s political meaning.

?: Are there similarities between Russian poets and black American musicians/poets/writers, in terms of their meaning to their respective countries? 

After discussing it with my group, it seems that the people who preferred to read the Thomas translation preferred to read a more literal translation, while those who preferred the Anderson translation (like I did) preferred its poetic/lyrical writing style. As Tomas said in our group conversation, Anderson’s translation spoke more to us on a personal level, as it felt like we were able to see directly into Akhmatova’s perspective.

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