Unit 8 opening post- McNeill Franklin

I actually really enjoyed the two movies and readings for this assignment. While I do not know much about the time period, I am hoping to learn more in the upcoming weeks. I was especially interested in the two movies. I want to learn more about the context behind the two stories, and dive into the stories of each of the women highlighted in the films.


Shadows of the Summit Facing West: ?: “Germany is not the center of the world.” If not, why is it the center of everyone’s problems at the time. Yes WWII just ended, but not all the blame is on Germany. !: I found the Soviet Union to be very very selfish in all of this!!!

Hitler Within You: ?: What did the older generation not learn about race/ethnicity? Clearly there was a war for a reason and everyone must have learned something. !: A young child does not inherit racism- that is taught to them by their parents/ older generations. The stories on pages 103-104 shocked me.

Human Dignity is Violable: ?: Is democracy truly fair for all of the people, or does it always seem to favor a side? !: I had no clue that the Nazis ruled for 12 years! What were the worst years of the Nazi regime, and where would say the peak was?

Everyone Talks About the Weather… ?: How aware are we on what is happening in the world around us? This piece seems to say that we are very ignorant. !: All women in any sort of wartime effort deserve so much more appreciation than they recieve.

Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own: ?: The women just wanted to be left in peace, so why bother them?? !: It seems like everything a woman did these days was wrong- they could never get anything right.

Columism: ?: What did it mean to be a communist in Germany in the 1950s-60s (since it was outlawed in ’56)? !: I know that this thought sounds crazy… but why outlaw the thought of communism? In a democracy- everyone has the right of freedom of speech. While the democracy decided on NO COMMUNISM, that does not mean that a person cannot still believe in it? They were getting punished for their own thoughts- which does not seem right to me.

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum: ?: I am still really confused on what Katharina did wrong? Was she arrested for knowing Ludwig? Having sex with him? Stealing? Please enlighten me. !: I am so surprised how objectified women are in the media during this time. In the 1970s in America, women were having free sex all the time and not getting in trouble. Why in Germany?

Baader-Meinhof Komplex: ?: What exactly was the RAF in detail, and in the end- what happened to them and what was their final mission? !: I mean… major bad ass energy. That is all I have to say. That takes major guts, and I had no idea this was happening. Incredible.

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