Unit 8 post 1 Bullock

Katharina Blum- It is super gross how as soon as Katharinas name is printed everyone thinks it is ok to touch her and threaten her. No one is violent in this way towards Ludwig. What about German culture at the time led to this phenomenon?

Baader-Meinhof Komplex– There is an interesting irony in Meinhof’s violent actions. Many of her writings seem very anti-violence. Is there a moral difference between federal violence and individual violence.

Shadows of Summit Pointing West- The statements about how Germany is not the center of the world are very interesting and remind of American Nationalism. If we did away with borders, would people still find a way to be nationalistic?

The Hitler Within Us- I cannot imagine the confusion of being German and feeling guilt for an event I never took place in and yet I am a white person in America who was recently involved in a class debate over reparations..so maybe I can. How can governments be punished without punishing innocent citizens?

Human Dignity is Violable- This discusses the limiting power Atomic bombs have of freedom and yet Meinhof uses bombs as a part of her terrorism. May we disrespect the dignity of those how have disrespected other without being hypocritical?

Woman in the SDS– In societies where women abilities are not respected women are not respected. This is why focusing on gender differences that very well may be structural as opposed to biological is so harmful regardless of what truth it may hold. How can we push past the perceived inequality of bodies to see the true equality of soul and mind.

Columnism– It seems the situation discussed in this text has only worsened. Media bias and eagerness to capture an audience has taken over. How can we know unfiltered truths?

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