Unit Eight Assignment One

By: Caison Gray

Shadows of the Summit Pointing West”

!: Meinhof must have paid very close attention to current events.

?: Why does America have so much influence in international organizations?

Hitler Within You”

!: People who participated in the Nazi regime who wanted to reduce suffering considered themselves exonerated.

?: How can a society move past its dark history when most adults participated in the evils of its past?

“Human Dignity is Violable”

!: For Meinhof, nuclear weapons and democracy can never go together, for these weapons directly destroy peace and freedom, two concepts that are foundational to democracy.

?: Was demilitarization a popular idea at the time that the Constitution was written?

“Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf”

!: Women’s household work is not seen as valuable because its effects aren’t obvious to society.

?: Must an entire system be overturned to change one issue?


!: Ironic that Meinhof characterizes columnists both having no power and as literary stars.

?: Does the columnist write to share their truth or simply to make a profit? 

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum

!: I am surprised that the producer had the freedom to critique the press so harshly. Perhaps this is why he added the disclaimer at the end.

?: Was the publisher’s highly hypocritical speech at Tötges’ funeral meant to be humorous? 

Baader-Meinhof Complex

!: Interesting how divisive the RAF was to the German public despite being branded as terrorists.

?: How did the RAF justify their goal of a more humane world with inhumane methods of trying to achieve this?

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