Unit2 Assignment 2

Option 2: In Borges’s notion that “all books are the work of one single writer, who is timeless and anonymous.”, “criticism is prone to invent writers.” It’s interesting that in this sense, there are two assumptions. The first is that human have the same ideology who come up with same idea. That’s how “all books are the work of one single writer”. The second is that critics or translators are the creators of the work. They invent the writer, even consider two different works to be the same writer. I understand that translation is not merely a re-write in another language; it requires the translator to be the writer and share the same ideology as the original writer.

Option 3:I think it is interesting to put science and translation together. Because science is the translation of the world, is to seek the truth of the universe. Then arguing the most faithful way of translating human works into another language is so much meaningful.

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