Lynching Memorial

Civil Rights and the Body

Week 13: Bodies, Visible and Invisible

Tues Nov 16Ken Gonzalez-Day, Erased Lynching Series (we will be looking at his work in class, but if you want a sense of what it’s like this is his website); Maria Anderson, “By removing victims from lynching photos, an artist emphasizes those erased from history“; Ken Gonzalez-Day, IntroductionRecovering the history and fact of lynching
Thurs Nov 18 amMat Johnson, Incognegro

Some useful resources if you aren’t used to thinking about comic books as a visual medium: Scott McCloud, “The Visual Magic of Comic Books“; Alex Abad-Santos, “How to Read a Comic Book“; Duke Writing Studio, “Writing About Comics and Graphic Novels
In section; select a panel or series of panels that were particularly important for thinking about lynching in the graphic novel.Erasure and recovery of the past
Thurs Nov 18 pmMat Johnson, Incognegro (Cont.) and Billie Holiday, “Strange Fruit“; Abel Meeropol (Lewis Allen), “Strange Fruit“; Bethany Collins, “Dixieland (1859-2001)”; Angela Davis, “Strange Fruit: Music and Social Consciousness

Optional: Interview with Bethany Collins, artist of “Dixieland”
     The aesthetics of representing violence

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