The future in changing typefaces

Unit 1: What is the Future?

Week 1: Foundations

Tues Aug 24Read Plato, “Cave” (PDF)Format of all sessions unless otherwise noted:   Plenary with mini-lectures, breakout groups, large-group Q&A  Appearance and reality (recap of Sapere Aude)   What is truth?   Objective vs. constructed reality
Thurs Aug 26 amRead Appiah, “Knowledge”, pp. 39-61 (PDF)   Annotate Appiah reading on   Is knowledge possible?   Standards for justification
Thurs Aug 26 pmRead James, Pragmatism, Lecture VII (PDF)   Annotate James reading on     What are conceptual schemes?   Truth, knowledge, and conceptual schemes

Week 2: Alternative conceptual schemes

Tues Aug 31View Baldwin-Buckley debate (YouTube)   Read Snow, “Two cultures” (PDF)   Post on Slack a discussion question for each reading.  Break into discussion sections (faculty lead)When alternative conceptual schemes meet
Thurs Sept 2 amWatch Arrival on your own before session    Faculty panel (meet in plenary session). Panelists: Professors Jankovic, Green, and Fernandez.Translation
Thurs Sept 2 pm  Read Borges, “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” (PDF)   Post on Slack at least one question you have about the Borges story.      Idealist vs realist conceptual schemes

Week 3: Our (allegedly) post-truth era

Tues Sept 7Read Frankfurt, “On Bullshit”(PDF)   Post on Slack a discussion question on Frankfurt.  Break into discussion sections (fellows lead)Bullshit
Thurs Sept 9 amRead Mill, On Liberty, ch. 2 selection (linked)   Read Mathiesen, “Fake News and the Limits of Free Speech” (PDF)   Annotate both readings on The value of falsehood Free speech and fake news  
Thurs Sept 9 pmView “After Truth”, HBO documentary (Films on Demand, online)   View Adichie, “The danger of a single story” (TED Talk, online)  Recap of unit   Some advice for the post-truth era