Negative side view of theater

Unit 2: Audiences & Theories of Spectatorship

Week 5: Theatre Audiences and Spectatorship

Tues Sept 21

Read:Susan Bennett, On the Threshold of Theatre,” from Theatre Audiences (133-141). Excerpt from Augusto Boal, Theatre of the Oppressed
Augusto Boal” on Digital Theatre+

Theater Architecture
Thurs Sept 23 am Wear closed-toe shoes to classCLASS MEETS IN DFPH

Tour of the DFPH with Jim Nash, DFPH Technical Director and staff; 3 rotating stations for the tour 
Thurs Sept 23 pm Watch: Intro to TO’s central ideas — Prof. Green’s intro video from last year; Come in loose-fitting comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoesCLASS MEETS IN LILLY GALLERY
When you enter, leave your belongings in the auditorium, and meet on the stage for the workshop

WORKSHOP: In this workshop I will invite you to participate in movement-based exercises. 

Week 6: Utopian Performative, OR how it makes me feel

Tues Sept 28thRead: Jill Dolan, “Performance, Utopia, and the Utopian Performative”
Watch: Indecent (on Digital Theatre+)
PlenaryTheatre as a form of community dialogue/engagement
Thurs Sept 30Fall BreakFall BreakFall Break
Various time optionsSign up for a tour of the Barber Theatre between Sept 23 and 28th.20-minute tour of the theatre with Chip Davis, Theatre Department technical director, and Sharon

Week 7: Documentary Performance

Watch: In The Heights —Fellows schedule group watch parties (optional).
Read: In the Heights’ has evolved alongside immigration politics

In the Heights’ and the Erasure of Dark-Skinned Afro-Latinx Folks
Brief faculty response panel, then meet in sections for discussionWhat is a utopian performative?
Thurs Oct 7 amWatch: Fires in the Mirror and other short videos about Smith: Anna Deavere Smith Makes it About the People

Anna Deavere Smith on Identity, Racism, and Disrupting the System with Her Work

Read: “Embodying Hybridity: Anna Deavere Smith’s Identity Crossovers,” Xavier Lemoine
PlenaryDocumentary Performance: background and context
Thurs Oct 7 pmNotes From the Field. Review: “documentary theatre composition exercise” rubricMeet in sections for discussion of Smith and performance planning

Week 8: Documentary Performance & Archival Session

Tues Oct 12Rehearse with your performance group before class — come to class prepared to share what you have created.Showings of performance material, then discussion in sections.
Thurs Oct 14 amFocus on the ArchivesMeet in the Library
Thurs Oct 14 pmFocus on the ArchivesMeet in the Library

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