ACT Up St. Patrick's Protest

Unit 6: How to Survive a Plague

Week 22: Bodies of Christ

Tues Mar 22 What is the (Catholic) body and how should it be treated?Watch or listen to **one** of these four options; if you’ve already watched/listened to something previously, watch/listen again or choose a different item:

1.) “81 Words” (podcast, 57 mins.; 2002)
2.) “The Normal Heart” (film, 124 mins.; 2014)
3.) “5B” (film, 95 mins.; 2019)
4.) “How to Survive a Plague” (film, 110 mins.; 2012)

And read the following:

D. Von Hildebrand and M. Shivanandan, “Sex,” Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd ed. (Gale, 2003), 13: 44 – 47; R.F. Collins, “Sex (in the Bible),” 13: 47 – 51; P. T Camelot, “Virginity,” 13: 544-48.
Plenary in Hance; Write 250 words about the item you selected to watch/listen to; this is your “engagement with unit 6” for the portfolio. Upload it to the portfolio
Thurs Mar 24 AM Other kind of (Catholic) bodies – the Incarnation, the Church, the EucharistD.N. Power, “Eucharist in Contemporary Catholic Tradition,New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd ed. (Gale, 2003), 5: 415 – 431.Plenary in Hance
Thurs Mar 24 PMBodies in Catholic ChristianityCardinal Ratzinger, “Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons” (October 1986)Meet in sections

Week 23: Paris is Burning

Tues Mar 29 What do Catholic descriptions of human bodies leave out? Why?Watch “Paris Is Burning” (1990)

Michel Foucault, “Scientia Sexualis” and“Domain,” in The History of Sexuality, vol. 1: An Introduction, trans. Robert Hurley (New York: Vintage, 1990), 53-73 and 103-114.

Optional reading: bell hooks, “Is Paris Burning?”
Thurs Mar 31 AMLarry Kramer and ACTUPLarry Kramer, “1,112 and Counting,” “The FDA’s Callous Response to AIDS,” and “Before the President’s Commission,” in Reports from the Holocaust: The Making of an AIDS Activist (New York: St. Martin’s, 1989), 33-51, 140-144, 182-185.Sections
Thurs Mar 31 PM Epes Lecturer, William Deresiewicz in classBill Deresiewicz (See Epes Lecture unit link on syllabus)Hance

Week 24: Acting Up

Tues Apr 5 ACTUP zap: “Stop the
Watch Stop the Church (1991)Sections
Thurs Apr 7 AMLove and Rage and Art
David Wojnarowicz, James Romberger, and Marguerite van Cook, seven miles a secondPlenary
Thurs Apr 7 PM Political FuneralsDiva TV, “Political Funerals” (read and watch everything you can on this page)Plenary