unit 1 assignment 1 for Wed 8/28/19

Assignment 1 
Due Wednesday 28 August 2019 by 8pm.

After you’ve read and watched all the material, pick either group A or group B. Formulate an interesting question that that the three authors in that group could be addressing. For example (please don’t use this question) for either group, you could formulate the question, “what is identity?” After you formulate the question, identify one thing on which the three authors might agree, and one on which they would differ.

Continuing with the example
Group A
Question: What is identity? 

Agree on: Reducing people to a single identity, insisting on defining people in terms of a single identity (race, religion, etc.) is too simple,  All people are more than one thing.

Disagree on: the implications of human complexity for politics.

Please be prepared to describe the thinking behind your response—how you arrived at your question and points of agreement and disagreement.

Group A 

Chiminanda Ngozi Adichie, “The Danger of a Single Story” (watch here)
Amin Maalouf, “Deadly Identities” (text in the Quillen dropbox folder)
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, “Questions of Multiculturalism”(text in the Quillen dropbox folder)

Group B

Toni Morrison, “Moral Inhabitants” (text in the Quillen dropbox folder)
Bryan Stevenson, Excerpt of speech at Children Defense Fund training (watch here)
Arthur Brooks, “The Power and Peril of Identity” (text in the Quillen dropbox folder)

Post your question and your two points of agreement and disagreement on a new post.

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