unit 1 prompt 2 — due sunday 9/2 5:00pm

These week’s post has three parts.

1.) We have four primary readings for Tuesday, two by Audre Lorde, a famous speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered years after the “Letter,” and a speech by Malcolm X. (There is also a secondary text for some background; don’t include that in this exercise.)  Plot the four readings on a line, according to which you see as closest to and farthest from King’s “Letter.” (If you feel creative, add a y-axis or even a third dimension. This will require that you learn a new fun skill: how to upload an image file to the media library and how to add media to your page. (Google it, ask a fellow Humester, ask a fellow.) Like this.

2.) Briefly explain your graphic representation of the readings. Include a sentence or two from each text as evidence for  your claim about where you place the texts in proximity to King’s “Letter.”

3.) All four of Tuesday’s readings were delivered orally, even Lorde’s academic talks. How much does the orality of those texts account for the distance from the “Letter,” which is so clearly a written, revised, polished document? Ponder and make a few notes about this question.


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