Unit 2 assignment 2 due Sunday 9/29 5:00pm

Sunday post for September 29 due 5:00pm

Below are three topics for Sunday’s post. Post on any TWO of them:

Option 1: In my email on Tuesday’s reading (Plato and Borges), I present a few “issues to think about”. Pick ONE of these and post about a paragraph in response.

Option 2: In a few sentences, comment on / raise a question about Thursday’s translation panel. This can be based on your !/? posts, or it can be something new. And it could be useful—though not required—to connect the translation panel to Plato or Borges (note for starters that both of these readings are translations).

Option 3: Go rogue. Post on anything at all related to translation, Tuesday’s readings, connections between Units 1 and 2, or something else entirely, so long as it leads to good discussion on Tuesday. Take risks; be creative.