Unit 2 assignment 3 due Sunday 10/6 5pm

Sunday post for Oct 6:

Below are three topics for Sunday’s post. Post on any TWO of them:

Option 1: In my email about Tuesday’s reading (Appiah), I present a few “issues to think about”. Pick ONE of these and post about a paragraph in response. Note that if you choose the last of the issues, the task is to summarize in your own words the argument of section 9.6 (very difficult) or 9.7 (somewhat difficult). Kudos for attempting either of these. (This level of work would be something good to revise for your portfolio later.)

Option 2: What’s the most effective way to reduce the amount of bullshit in contemporary discourse? Be sure to use Frankfurt’s specific notion of bullshit—so in that sense, the question is really asking: What’s the best way to get people to care about truth when they speak or write?

Option 3: In my lecture on Thursday, I’ll spend part of the time recapping Unit 2. In your post, ask a question about anypart of Unit 2. Time permitting, I’ll address some of these in lecture. Aim for about a paragraph: in addition to asking the question, explain why you’re asking it—that is, why did you find this puzzling? You might also speculate briefly on what the answer might be.