Unit 5 post 2, due Sunday 9:00pm

What is culture?

Re-read “Clement Greenberg Avant-Garde and Kitsch” from DC study trip; in the study trip reader and in the dropbox).

And be sure to read Prof. Robb’s notes “on definitions,” which he posted to the teachinghumes blog (that is, the workspace in this course for faculty, fellows, and other members of the teaching team) early last semester. These will be very helpful for your other definitions for the portfolio.

This is another definition exercise. You’ve got two big definitional projects for the year: What is revolution? and What is humanities? (Or what are the Humanities?) For the What is culture? exercise, keep your arguments close to the evidence that Greenberg provides.
NB: In (re-)reading Greenberg you will have to look up a lot of his references—names of writers and artists, journals, terms—in order to make sense of his argument.

This post should contain examples or even quotations from Greenberg; you’ll need 200 – 300 words or so to do this well. Enjoy.