Unit 6 presentation assignment

Unit 6 presentation assignment pdf here.

See Prof. Munger’s presentation calendar for your due date.

For unit 6 you have chosen a painting. From that choice you will be assigned that painting’s artist for your brief presentation during one of the days in section over the next two weeks.

Basic task and goals:

Your artist’s work has been identified as an example of abstraction, either by Kandel or Gotthardt

What does that mean?

Your in-class presentation should explain how this painting is an example of abstraction in art. Include other examples of your artists work to show in your section. Pro tip: have another look at Prof. Robb’s definition primer.

In addition to this task, your presentations should also give us some context inform us more broadly about both the artist and their art. You should include background on the artist, the painting you chose, some other work by the artist, some history of the reception of this art’s work, and some of your own observations and questions about this artist’s work.

There are three parts to the assignment:

  1. Your oral presentation. You should present for 6 to 7 minutes; there will be 5 minutes for questions and discussion about your presentation. You find and consult scholarly sources for this presentation, and include 5 of those in your handout below.

  2. Your slideshow. Your presentation accompanies the slides.
    • At least 5, but no more than 10 slides, inserted into a common google slides file for your section; so each section will have 70 to 140 slides in the file.
      • Tamura section slides here
      • Munger section slides here
      • Ewington section slides here
      • Denham section slides here
      • Bory section slides here
    • Most of your slides will be images; make sure you have the highest quality images you can find and size them correctly for the slide.
    • Include the proper citations for all the images in your presentation in the speaker notes section of each slide.

  3. Your handout. Your handout (2 pages; 1 sheet, double sided) should include
    • a brief biography of your artist;
    • a brief sketch of the critical reception of the artist’s work;
    • an images of the painting you chose and perhaps one or more paintings by the artist (with proper citation; pay attention to size and layout of the images);
    • five scholarly sources on your painting, the artist, and their work; these are the backbone of your presentation.
    • You may also choose to include any longer texts or quotations you want your audience to have, but which are too much for a slide.
    • Bring enough copies of your handout to class. (Print in black and white.)
    • Upload a pdf (pdf only!) of your handout to the presentation handouts dropbox folder in the regular “papers” folder structure. Use the standard filename protocol: LastnameFirstnamePresentationHandout.pdf. Due one day before your presentation date.

Some resources:

  • ARTSTOR huge art image database (learning curve, read the “about” section). Start here. Do not google until you’ve searched ARTSTOR.

  • Grove Art Online encyclopedic resource with articles and images. Do not google until you’ve searched ARTSTOR. (In fact, much of what google will turn up is lifted from here.)

  • slideshow basics (tech and design dos and don’ts); there are many advice pages like this.