Isabel Nowak Unit 2 Assignment 3

Option 2: According to James, bullshit occurs when someone’s opportunity to speak about a subject outweighs their knowledge. Therefore, the simplest way to counteract bullshit is to counteract ignorance. However, a lack of information is not the only source of bullshit. Bullshit can also be born from the desire to project a favorable image of oneself, or employed as a means to a different end. This particular use of bullshit is much more difficult to counteract. The most effective way I can imagine is to change the values of society as a whole; American society pushes the belief that the ends justify the means. I believe that restructuring this worldview, although a difficult process, would decrease bullshit.

Option 3: How do different paradigms of different disciplines relate to one another? We have read works about both scientific and humanities oriented conceptual themes, but we have not discussed the connections between these works at length. Are we attempting to gain a holistic understanding of conceptual schemes, or do the disciplines connect to one another? Is there a logical progression between them?

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