Olivia Harper Unit 3 Post 3

Gourevitch and Sontag both detail how public opinion shapes war.  Gourevitch states that because the UN’s idleness during the Rwandan genocide appalled the world, the UN allowed the French Opération Turquoise.   The operation further exasperated the war between the RPF and the Hutu Power government of Rwanda and allowed Hutu death squads to hide under the guise of being refugees.  Onlookers influenced a conflict that they never felt directly. Sontag also speaks of this phenomenon when relaying the history of war censorship. The American public heavily criticized American involvement in the Vietnam war based on gruesome photographs of the aftermath.  Their empathy for the other demoralized the American effort. Just as in the Rwandan conflict, the sentiments of bystanders heavily influenced those directly involved within the war.

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