Passport Assignment- Jamie Aciukewicz

I think that there was a lot of room for improvement in this project. To me, this felt more like arts and crafts, with a tiny learning part. I figured that while we make the passport, we would also be learning about our new country, the customs, and the culture. Instead, there was surprisingly little information about my country, only the passport rank and a very brief blurb about Singapore. Even the rank went relatively unexplained, and my tablemates and I needed to search for information about our passports and countries. This was a pretty mindless project and I wish we were pushed more to think about our new role as a citizen of a certain country; what are my rights? Overall, I was disappointed by this project and the lack of learning. I think it would be cool to see some stamps from other countries and be able to get them in your passport, depending on what country you are from.  

Front cover of my Singapore Passport.

Side View of Singapore passport looking at the stiching.

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