Passport Reflection by Skylar McVicar

At the Create a Passport Workshop, I was assigned an identity as a Norweigan mother of two adopted Indian babies. By simulating a Norweigian citizen with stateless children stuck in India, I was able to sympathize with the problems that stateless people may face in a way I hadn’t been able to before. I went to India to adopt my children, but the Norweignan government would not allow me to enter Norway again with them for fear that I was human trafficking them because I adopted the children. If they were my own blood, then I likely would not have had this same problem. This situation is frustrating because the government assumed I had ill intentions for the children when I really just went to India to adopt them. An additional frustration is that I cannot stay in India with the babies because I am not an Indian citizen and do not have a job or way to make money there.

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