Sam Van Horn – Quillen Lecture Commentary

Alongside concepts covered in the lecture the afternoon before, Professor Quillen delved into the idea of story telling in our humanity’s past. I’ll start by saying I very much so enjoyed this lecture due to the thought processes I was able to follow as the lecture went on. It opened up new ideas for me and how we can take communication to new levels. A key point in her lecture surrounded the idea of using stories as a means instead of the concepts of liberalism. Professor Quillen additionally discussed exiting our current political state of affairs by absorbing other’s stories. I contemplated this idea and I have to say it’s strong in theory, but it would be difficult to take it further than just the story and acknowledging the other side. How might we progress after we listen? Is it just a means to further or knowledge? To check our privilege? I would be worried that these stories would come to a generalized stereotype amongst certain racial groups, and that our individual stories would be for nought. Despite the uncertainty of the answers to these questions, Professor Quillen gave us all an important idea to consider, and one that is hopefully utilized in our daily lives: listening.

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