U3P3: Passport – Thomas

Much like the seemingly random and arbitrary status of who is stateless and who isn’t, I randomly drew the status of being stateless. This had nothing to do with my character or anything I had done previously. The story I received was of a mother, a Norwegian citizen who went to India for in-vitro fertilization. She had a medical condition throughout her life, and finally, she had found a way to fulfill a dream of hers.  An unforeseen problem arose, however. 

On the birth certificate given to the mother in India, she was the mother. However biologically, the sperm and egg sourced for the surgery were from two Indian citizens. Based on the DNA test, the Norwegian government recognized her babies as Indian citizens and declined visas into the country. The Indian government, on the other hand, recognized the birth certificate. The Indian government argued that the two babies were Norwegian citizens. Thus she was trapped in India with no support network and her two newborn children. 

This story really infuriated me because of how arbitrary and idiotic it was. This doesn’t even boil down to a moral or philosophical debate about immigration, but rather an idiotic failure of immigration policy. The mom was ALREADY a citizen and did nothing wrong. This really shined a light on how antiquated our policy for naturalization is. One’s blood or the location of where they are born, shouldn’t define how we treat them before they are old enough to think.

10 Million People in the world have no nationality

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