Unit 1 assignment 1 by River Meng

Group A

Question: How should the “dominant” group of people  learn to fight off the problems of the post-colonial era(i.e. Stereotypes, cultural appropriation, cultural colonialism, etc.)?

Agree on: The “dominant” people, in most cases people with white Anglo-Saxon ancestry, need to learn and understand the “full” history and culture of other cultures. They should be encouraged to speak out their opinions after they became well-versed to a foreign culture,but they should not, under any circumstances, belittle foreign cultures. As the dominant, or homogenous group of western culture, white people, in some sense, have more responsibility to learn and appreciate other cultures, especially those from third-world countries, because of their imperialistic history.

Disagree on: The immigrant’s cultural transformation after arriving at the new country. 

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