Unit 1 assignment 3 Jane Berick

Something that interested me in Davis’ piece was this idea that we are moving away from society based on community and into one focused on the individual and one’s own choices. In my opinion, America has always been more about the individual, so it’s interesting to me to hear that Davis thinks there was a shift. I wonder at what point in American history Davis considered us centered around a community as a whole. I agree with Davis that this way of focusing only on the individual is harmful to us as a whole in many ways. Not only does it prevent marginalized communities from getting the help they need, as rather than identifying institutional problems that are harming them, individuals are simply seen as lazy, but it also attributes racism to a personal flaw in one individual, rather than looking at the racism present in the society as a whole.

Questions for Davis, Locke, and Marx:

  1. Who is the government or political system supposed to benefit?
  2. who deserves to have equality?
  3. how does your ideal world differ from the one we live in?

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