Tomás Quintero: Unit 1 Assignment 3

In The Meaning of Freedom, by Angela Davis, one of the themes that caught my eye was when she talked about the prison-industrial complex and the concept of Mass Incarceration. Davis wrote about how people like to think that racism is over, now that the civil rights movement happened, but that simply is not the case. Although the structures that we see in our daily life aren’t racist the way they were 50 years ago, there are still problems related to race that are present today; however, today, the problems are more insidious. This topic interested me because it made me think of a Mass Incarceration class I had in 10th grade in which we analyzed how racism plays out systematically, via the use of language (something that we’ve touched on in our class), and how people have developed a sense of complacency to situations regarding race. 

Panel Participants: Davis, Diderot, Locke

Are people who are convicted of a crime and imprisoned considered less than human or bestial because they had reason and committed a crime anyways?

Do you believe that all people are fundamentally equal? 

Based on your answers to the previous question, do you believe that in today’s world (2019) there is any need to make changes in order to make it align with what you believe is an ideal society?

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