Unit 2 Assignment 1 by Simon Cheng

“The technique of reducing the physical world into mathematical abstractions… played a key role in producing a new physics, and stands as a distinctive feature of the Scientific Revolution” (p. 73). Would it also be accurate to say that this is what’s distinctive of science, and in particular, what distinguishes science from the humanities? Explain.

In my opinion, this is indeed an accurate description about science. The realm of science is similar to the realm of the real world, almost everything is presented as a result. One cannot see the history of any object by the first glance, even if the individual does, like an expert in a specific area, he or she must automatically analyze the object in the head by employing predispose knowledge, which is another way of saying “reducing the physical world into mathematical abstractions”. And this kind of analysis pattern also exists in humanities, but in a not so obvious way. Because humanities not only requires much more knowledge or predisposition on many aspects, but it also needs an individual’s own thinking, which differentiate from science because the latter does not require that much throughout the field.

What is the relationship between the field of science and the field of humanities?

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