Unit 2 Assignment 1 Isabel Nowak

At its most basic level, the “connected world” perspective claims that everything in the universe is related to other things. The relationship between these things are usually not obvious, but they can become apparent through the observation of similar qualities or characteristics. For example, gold and the sun must be related because of their color. Things that are considered analogous can also be connected; those who held the connected world belief would draw parallels between larger systems and smaller ones, such as space and the human body. For example, they believed that the heart and the sun were related as they were both sources of life. Because of this interconnection, the things that were connected were believed to be able to influence each other. The belief that planets could influence parts of the human body contributed to the development of the four humors and astrology.

If ancient scientists were given all the modern tools we use to to study our universe today, how long would it take them to develop our current model of our solar system? What preconceived notions would be the hardest for them to overcome?

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