Unit 2 Assignment 2 by Simon Cheng

Option 2: Being a multilingual student, I am very interested in the topic of translation. I have noticed that the different languages and their relationships discussed on the lecture are somehow more closely related to English than my first language do, like sharing a similar alphabet and a closer origin. So what about languages all around the world, do they all share the similar characteristics? Different languages, even different dialects, reflect unique local culture in different places, and some of them operate totally different from others because of various reasons. This is only personal opinions, but I think discussions on translation should be more inclusive.

Option 3: More about translation: professor Jankovic said that there are no wrong translations in her part, philosophically this question may be right, but practically this question may be wrong. In Chinese translation, Yan Fu raised the general requirements of Xin, Da, and Ya (which are faithfulness, understandability, and elegance in order), and this serves as goals in almost all Chinese translations. Although it could be very general, but there is a requirement or rule for translation.

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