Unit 2 Assignment 3-Harrison Diggs

Option 2

Reducing the amount of bullshit in contemporary society begins with a revolution to dispel a common ideology that exists in our society. This idea is that people are obligated to give an answer even if they do not know the answer. We live in a world dominated by social media and instant news where opinions about any and all topics are splattered all over for our eyes to see. This environment has created a world where people feel obligated to give opinions on every possible topic even if they are not informed about it. The desire to give an opinion although misinformed creates the avenue for the excessive amount of bullshit seen in todays society. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage opinions only when performed and provide accessibility for people to be informed about issues before expressing their opinion. The concept is something that will be hard to change because of the emergence of social media, but it can be done with baby steps at a time.

Option 1

In my opinion some of the texts that could be considered adversarial from units 1 and 2 that we have read are “Black Matters” by Toni Morrison, “Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen” by Olympe De Gouges and “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato. Specifically, many of the texts from unit 1 discussing equality could be considered adversarial as they challenged Western ideas about race, gender and much more. Some texts that take the more accommodative route that we have read so far are “Pragmatism” and “Two Treatises for Government” by Locke. Although these texts hold strong opinions that differ from the norm, I feel they provide more leeway for differing opinions than some of the other texts we have read. In terms of my essay, I would consider it more accommodative than adversarial. Although my essay takes into account two texts that could be considered adversarial due to the hard stance they take on the rights of women and African Americans, my essay appears to be more of a casual diagnosis and doesn’t take a stand to the magnitude the authors of the text do.

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