Unit 3 Passport Assignment by Alec Stimac

Passport from Mali

The Make Your Own Passport Workshop was a highly immersive and educational experience. The amount of privilege a lot of us poses as United States citizens is sometimes lost in translation as we live our lives, ultimately forgetting how many freedoms, diverse perspectives, and safe environments surround us. We become complacent to what we know and do not necessarily thing of worldly matters (we are mostly concerned with domestic policy). This workshop is a nice reminder and eye opener for people to learn about other countries and the system of how passports/citizenship work. I am also taking an Anthropology course on Refugees and Forced Migration this semester, and the stories we have been hearing and scholarly articles we have been reading connect deeply with Tintin Wulia’s vision for her art. The experiences of stateless and deprived people are all very diverse, yet distinct. No one story is the same and each has dignity and value to them. The issue of immigration and refugee movement has become massive in the last decade, and has always been a huge issue across time. Being able to recognize privilege and empathize with these stories is important in us answering how we are one human family. Our course is to examine what humanity is all about, and I believe this workshop only aids in our understanding of our place in this world and how we can be more involved in it.

Wall of Passports
Back of passport.

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