Unit 3 Passport Assignment Emily McDill

The passport I received for the workshop was from Luxembourg, which I was surprised to find is ranked #2 for global passport power. This fact interested me, considering that Luxembourg  is one of the smallest countries in Europe with an area of only 2,286 km. The passport activity prompted me to reflect upon how one’s citizenship is essentially random, as you cannot control where you were born, yet it dictates one’s mobility. Additionally, it is increasingly difficult to obtain citizenship and the rights that accompany living in a country with a powerful passport. It seems absurd, therefore, that such a tiny country would possess one of the world’s greatest abilities to travel. What are the odds someone will be born in Luxembourg of all countries? What did Luxembourgers do to deserve such freedoms when other countries with larger populations, particularly those experiencing political turmoil or war, would benefit much more from this mobility? I found the passport workshop to be interesting as it illuminated my own privilege to travel as a U.S. citizen, which I take for granted, and forced me to consider the ease of mobility for other countries, which I had not considered before. 

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