Unit 4 Assignment 1- Jamie Aciukewicz

Women play a crucial role in the works of both Wells and Terrel. In Wells, white women are able to put black men to death just by accusing them of rape. These accusations do not have to have any merit as white women hold the power in the situation and thus the black men are automatically assumed guilty. Women are not the subject of Wells’ writing, but they play a very important part due to the power that they have.

            In Terrel, black women are the subject of her writing. She begins by saying Washington DC is “the colored man’s paradise” but goes to show how far from paradise the city is, especially for black women. Terrel writes about many accounts of black women receiving unfair treatment in the workplace and establishments, solely due to the color of their skin.

            Neither Wells nor Terrel talk about potential solutions to anti-black violence, which I found to be a flaw in both of their works. Wells talks more about physical violence against blacks while Terrel talks more about the systematic oppression of black women. In both works, white people have authority and use their position of power to hurt black people.      

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