Unit 4 Comic Post- Jamie Aciukewicz

This spread intrigued me the first time I read it. It depicts the inauguration of George Wallace, arguably one of the most racist people to ever be elected to a public office. I think the images do a good job of showing the intensity and the anger of Wallace. The bottom left panel especially shows the nature of the man, and he does not look very nice. I also think the images of the crowd effectively show who would probably be at the inauguration of such a hateful, racist man. The crowd is a sea of white, with no women or minorities visible, and a few confederate flags. Despite being almost 100 years after the Civil War, there is a confederate flag, which to me is a pretty racist symbol and one that should not be proudly waved, in every panel except the bottom left. The Alabama state flag also has a pretty strong resemblance to the confederate flag, which I think is an interesting connection.

The spread is laid out in a very logic order, clearly trying to highlight the crowd as well as Wallace. The gutters are all very little, which to me signifies a very brief passage of time in between panels, which would be accurate with the steady flow of a speech. I think the most effective part of the layout is how the speech bubbles are connected, really making the eye flow through the page. With the use of the speech bubbles, Lewis is also able to add a narrator and there is no confusion between the two. I think the text and the images match up well, especially the third box where he talks about the “greatest people that have ever trod this earth” and the crowd is completely white men. Wallace was not shy about his viewpoints, and he clearly was looking at the people he had in mind with this line. I also think the angry look on Wallace’s face in the bottom left panel shows how he feels about blacks, that segregation is a necessity.  

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