zoom meeting guidelines

We’re using zoom for all meetings:

  • plenary sessions,
  • discussion sections,
  • AT meetings,
  • one-on-one meetings with faculty,
  • one on one meetings with fellows,
  • and — new feature — coffee hour, hosted by Fellows daily (times tbd).

Zoom is a stable, easy, intuitive group video platform that has lots of useful features for us. The college supports zoom and the meetings are private to Davidson people. You have to access Davidson zoom meetings with your Davidson credentials.

How to get zoom.
• download Davidson Zoom to your devices; put the zoom app on your phone. If you do not have a smart phone or a laptop contact Scott Denham right away; he will help figure out a long-term loaner device.
1. Open a web browser and navigate to http://davidson.zoom.us
2. In the upper right corner of the page, click on the LOGIN link. It is just to the right of the two big red buttons and, on some screens, is easy to miss.
3. If necessary, click on the sso.davidson.edu option and log in with your Davidson credentials. Duo two-factor authentication users will also need to authenticate as with other SSO applications.

Plenary zoom meetings—we’ll use my stable zoom room link: https://davidson.zoom.us/my/denham.

Section meetings and faculty one-on-one meetings—your section teacher will send their stable zoom room link.

AT meetings and one-on-one fellow meetings—your Fellow will send their stable zoom room link.

ATs will meet remotely at their regularly scheduled times.
For AT meetings everyone use zoom if possible. All Fellows are zoom pro users now and can schedule and invite you to meetings that last more than 40 minutes. If someone is absent, your fellow can record the AT session and save it to their own dropbox and share the link with you. (Only the members of that AT group would have access, not faculty or other fellows or Humesters not in that group.) If you have no wifi, call in to someone in your AT they can put you on speaker next to their computer.

Couple little how-to videos, one minute each.
Zoom scheduled meeting how to

Zoom live meeting how to

There will be prizes at the Humanities Ball (aka now Remote Humes Rave) for the best zoom virtual backgrounds related to the unit readings or texts, course discussion topic of the day, etc. Document those with a screenshot. Maybe put them in a slideshow in your portfolios.