Fall 2023: The Self and the Future

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Part 1: Mind and AI

Tuesday, August 29 (Week 1)

  • READ: Amy Kind, first third of “Machine Minds” from Philosophy of Mind: The Basics (2020), pages 97-107
  • MEET: Tyler-Tallman Hall for a plenary session for a (re)introduction to the class
  • PLENARY: Mini-lectures on the Voight-Kampff Test and the Turing Test
  • SECTION: Move into sections for introductions and discussion of reading and mini-lectures

Thursday, August 31 AM

  • READ: Amy Kind, final third of “Machine Minds” from Philosophy of Mind, pages 113-123 (starting with the section titled “Can Machines Feel?”)
  • MOODLE: Emotions and the Mind (due by 8am)
  • SECTION: Continue discussion from Tuesday morning, and also discuss the Kind readings

Thursday, August 31 PM

  • MEET: Tyler-Tallman Hall
  • PLENARY: Extending the Mind (Talks by Professors Robb and Sample, and small group and plenary discussions)

Tuesday, September 5 (Week 2)

Thursday, September 7 AM

Thursday, September 7 PM

  • PLENARY: Introduction of Annotation Writing Assignment; and the History and Philosophy of chatbots, virtual pets, and AI; and what they reveal about our own hopes, dreams, and anxieties

Tuesday, September 12 (Week 3)

Thursday, September 14 AM

Thursday, September 14 PM

  • PLENARY: The existential threat of AI, with guest speaker computer scientist Jon Kleinberg

Tuesday, September 19 (Week 4)

  • PLENARY: Writing workshop (on the sentence)

Thursday, September 21 AM

  • SECTION: Writing workshop (on the paragraph)

Thursday, September 21 PM

Part 2: Bodies and the Future

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Tuesday, September 26 (Week 5)

  • PLENARY: Organizing Questions; Bodily experience; Questions guiding our work

Thursday, September 28 AM

  • READ: Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, We3 (PDF) (Also Available as a CBR file)
  • SECTION: Discuss We3

Thursday, September 28 PM

  • READ: We3
  • PLENARY: Hybrid Bodies, Discussion of We3 and intro to “Cyborg Manifesto.”

Tuesday, October 3 (Week 6)

Thursday, October 5 AM

  • READ: Ben Spatz, “What Can a Body Do?”
  • PLENARY: Physical practice – in relationship to reading

Thursday, October 5 PM

  • SECTION: discuss morning experience/reading 
  • Short Plenary: intro to Foucault

Tuesday, October 10 (Week 7)

  • Fall Break (No Class)

Thursday, October 12 AM

  • READ: Foucault, “Docile Bodies”; see READing guide
  • SECTION: Discuss Foucault

Thursday, October 12 PM

  • READ: Review Foucault
  • PLENARY: Framing Foucault and bodies becoming

Tuesday, October 17 (Week 8)

Thursday, October 19 AM

  • GUIDED TOUR OF Duke Family Performance Hall: Meet at main entrance in student union! Wear close-toed shoes — NO FLIP FLOPS!

Thursday, October 19 PM

  • READ: Excerpts from Theatre of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal (read only 119-128 & 135-142); see reading guide
  • READ: “Introduction to Augusto Boal” from Digital Theatre+
  • Section: Theater of the Oppressed

Tuesday, October 24 (Week 9)

  • PLENARY: Boal workshop; meet in Lilly Gallery
  • Wear comfortable clothes, and rubber-soled, closed toe shoes

Thursday, October 26 AM

  • SECTION: Discussion Reflecting on Boal

Thursday, October 26 PM

Part 3: Spirit and the Immaterial

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Tuesday, October 31 (Week 10)

  • READ: Ashton T. Crawley, Blackpentecostal Breath: The Aesthetics of Possibility, introduction

Thursday, November 2 AM

  • READ:: W.E.B. DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk, “The Forethought,” “Of Our Spiritual Strivings,” and “The Sorrow Songs”

Thursday, November 2 PM

  • READ: Melva W. Costen, “African American Spirituals,” Journal of Religious and Theological Information

Tuesday, November 7 (Week 11)

  • READ: W.E.B. DuBois, Darkwater: Voices from within the Veil, “The Comet”

Thursday, November 9 AM

  • READ: “Baldwin, James 1924-1987,” in Concise Major 21st Century Writers, vol. 1

Thursday, November 9 PM

  • READ: Baldwin, Go Tell It on the Mountain, “The Threshing Floor” (stop at “Father! Father!”)

Tuesday, November 14 (Week 12)

  • READ: Baldwin, Go Tell It on the Mountain, continue READing “The Threshing Floor” (stop at “Bless our God!”)

Thursday, November 16 AM

  • READ: Baldwin, Go Tell It on the Mountain, finish READing “The Threshing Floor”

Thursday, November 16 PM


Part 4: Portfolio, Scaffolding, and Building

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Tuesday, November 21 (Week 13)

  • PLENARY: Digital Learning Team

Thursday, November 23 – Thanksgiving (No Class)

Tuesday, November 28 (Week 14)

  • Portfolio Work – faculty meet with students individually (during regular class time)

Thursday, November 30 AM & PM

  • Portfolio Work – faculty meet with students individually (during regular class time)

Tuesday, December 5 (Week 15)

  • PLENARY: Recap & Looking Ahead

Thursday, December 7