Fall 2023: The Self and the Future

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Part 1: Mind and AI

Tuesday, August 29 (Week 1)

  • READ: Amy Kind, first third of “Machine Minds” from Philosophy of Mind: The Basics (2020), pages 97-107
  • MEET: Tyler-Tallman Hall for a plenary session for a (re)introduction to the class
  • PLENARY: Mini-lectures on the Voight-Kampff Test and the Turing Test
  • SECTION: Move into sections for introductions and discussion of reading and mini-lectures

Thursday, August 31 AM

  • READ: Amy Kind, final third of “Machine Minds” from Philosophy of Mind, pages 113-123 (starting with the section titled “Can Machines Feel?”)
  • MOODLE: Emotions and the Mind (due by 8am)
  • SECTION: Continue discussion from Tuesday morning, and also discuss the Kind readings

Thursday, August 31 PM

  • MEET: Tyler-Tallman Hall
  • PLENARY: Extending the Mind (Talks by Professors Robb and Sample, and small group and plenary discussions)

Tuesday, September 5 (Week 2)

Thursday, September 7 AM

Thursday, September 7 PM

  • PLENARY: Introduction of Annotation Writing Assignment; and the History and Philosophy of chatbots, virtual pets, and AI; and what they reveal about our own hopes, dreams, and anxieties

Tuesday, September 12 (Week 3)

Thursday, September 14 AM

Thursday, September 14 PM

  • PLENARY: The existential threat of AI, with guest speaker computer scientist Jon Kleinberg

Tuesday, September 19 (Week 4)

  • PLENARY: Writing workshop (on the sentence)

Thursday, September 21 AM

  • SECTION: Writing workshop (on the paragraph)

Thursday, September 21 PM

Part 2: Bodies and the Future

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Tuesday, September 26 (Week 5)

  • PLENARY: Organizing Questions; Bodily experience; Questions guiding our work

Thursday, September 28 AM

Thursday, September 28 PM

  • READ: We3
  • PLENARY: Hybrid Bodies, Discussion of We3 and intro to “Cyborg Manifesto.”

Tuesday, October 3 (Week 6)

Thursday, October 5 AM

  • READ: Ben Spatz, “What Can a Body Do?” (2015)
  • PLENARY: Physical practice – in relationship to reading,  **Meet in 900 room at the Union**

Thursday, October 5 PM

  • SECTION (Meet in Tyler-Tallman, not section rooms): discuss morning experience/reading 
  • Short Plenary: intro to Foucault

Tuesday, October 10 (Week 7)

  • Fall Break (No Class)

Thursday, October 12 AM

  • READ: Foucault, Docile Bodies”; see reading guide
  • SECTION: Discuss Foucault

Thursday, October 12 PM

  • READ: Review Foucault
  • PLENARY: Framing Foucault and bodies becoming

Tuesday, October 17 (Week 8)

Thursday, October 19 AM

  • GUIDED TOUR OF Duke Family Performance Hall: Meet at main entrance in student union! Wear close-toed shoes — NO FLIP FLOPS!

Thursday, October 19 PM

Tuesday, October 24 (Week 9)

  • PLENARY: Boal workshop; meet in Lilly Gallery
  • Wear comfortable clothes, and rubber-soled, closed toe shoes

Thursday, October 26 AM

  • SECTION: Discussion Reflecting on Boal

Thursday, October 26 PM

Part 3: Spirit and the Immaterial

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Tuesday, October 31 (Week 10)

Thursday, November 2 AM

  • READ: Shane White and Graham White, “To Translate Everyday Experiences into Living Sound,” in The Sounds of Slavery: Discovering African American History through Songs, Sermons, and Speech (Boston: Beacon Press, 2005), 20–37. 
  • LISTEN: (Use whatever streaming service you prefer)
    • “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child”
    • “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”
    • “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen”
    • “Go Down, Moses”
    • “Steal Away”
    • “Old Ship of Zion”
    • “Going Home”
  • MOODLE: Spirituals that resonated (Optional)
  • SECTION: Sounds of Slavery

Thursday, November 2 PM

  • READ: No additional reading
  • PLENARY: Spirituals and Intro to Pentecostal Tradition in US 

Tuesday, November 7 (Week 11)

Thursday, November 9 AM

Thursday, November 9 PM

  • WATCH: Blood at the Root: No afternoon class but students are required to attend the 7:30 p.m. performance of Blood at the Root by Dominique Morisseau, directed by James Webb in the Barber Theatre. Tickets are free and seats have been reserved.      

Tuesday, November 14 (Week 12)

Thursday, November 16 AM

Thursday, November 16 PM

  • READ: Ashon Crawley, “Introduction,” in Blackpentecostal Breath: The Aesthetics of Possibility (New York: Fordham University Press, 2017), 1–31.
  • PLENARY: Aesthetics of Possibility

Part 4: Portfolio, Scaffolding, and Building

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Tuesday, November 21 (Week 13)

  • PLENARY: Digital Learning Team

Thursday, November 23 – Thanksgiving (No Class)

Tuesday, November 28 (Week 14)

Thursday, November 30 AM & PM

  • Portfolio Work – faculty meet with students individually (during regular class time)

Tuesday, December 5 (Week 15)

  • PLENARY: Recap & Looking Ahead

Thursday, December 7