Spring 2024: Society and the Future

Jump to: Part 1: Utopia/Dystopia | Part 2: End of the World | Part 3: Reimagining the Future

Part 1: The Utopian Imagination, the Dystopian Projection

Tuesday, January 16 (Week 1)

Thursday, January 18 AM

Thursday, January 18 PM

  • READ: Códice Mendoza (1-17, verso and recto; pay special attention to the images)
  • PLENARY: How do we make sense of a Codex?

Tuesday, January 23 (Week 2)

Thursday, January 25 AM

Thursday, January 25 PM

Tuesday, January 30 (Week 3)

Thursday, February 1 AM

Thursday, February 1 PM

  • WRITE: Draft of Paper 3 
  • PLENARY: Fluxus Happening

Monday, February 5

Tuesday, February 6  (Week 4)

  • READ: Mayakovsky, et. al., “Slap in the Face of Public Taste” (1912); Dostoevsky, Notes from The Underground, Part I, “Underground” 3-29, & excerpts from Ellison’s Invisible Man (133-135) & Zamiatin’s We (136); optional: Chernyshevsky’s “Vera Pavlovna’s Fourth Dream,” from What is to Be Done, 104-122
  • PLENARY: Dostoevsky and His Time

Thursday, February 8 AM

  • READ: Dostoevsky, Notes from the Underground, Part II, “Apropos of Wet Snow,” 29-91
  • SECTION: Notes From the Underground

Thursday, February 8 PM

  • READ: No new reading
  • PLENARY: Dostoevsky Wrap-up and Draft Feedback 

Part 2: This Is How the World Ends

Tuesday, February 13 (Week 5)

Thursday, February 15 AM 

  • READ: Groustra and Fuchs, cont.
  • SECTION: Reading a Play

Thursday, February 15 PM 

  • WRITE: Prepare questions for the playwright 
  • PLENARY: Visit with Sarah Groustra via Zoom 

Tuesday, February 20 (Week 6)

Thursday, February 22 AM

Thursday, February 22 PM

  • READ: Estes, “Siege,” from The Past is Our Future
  • SECTION: Native and Indian Futures

Friday, February 23 

Monday, February 26

  • MOODLE: Campus Commentary #3

Tuesday, February 27  (Week 7)

  • WATCH: Paula Vogel, Indecent (available on Digital Theatre+) 
  • Read: Jill Dolan, “Utopia in Performance’” (pp.1-15 required; the rest is optional)
  • MOODLE: Choose a 2-page spread from the Dolan reading to annotate; based on those annotations choose a single sentence/quote/idea that you’d like to discuss in your section on Thursday – post your annotation and your discussion idea on Moodle.
  • PLENARY: Utopian Performative

Thursday, February 29 AM

  • WATCH: Paula Vogel, Indecent
  • SECTION: Discuss Indecent

Thursday, February 29 PM

  • READ: No assignment
  • PLENARY: Working with secondary sources and the “Scholarly Discussion”
  • MOODLE: Library Worksheet

Spring Break – No class

Friday, March 1

  • Depart for DC around noon

Monday, March 4

  • Return from DC (approx. arrival time4:00-5:00 p.m.; You can also depart from DC, either Sunday or Monday)

Tuesday, March 12 (Week 8)

Thursday, March 14 AM

  • READ: 7 Miles a Second (cont.) (CBR; PDF)
  • SECTION: Art, AIDs, and Mourning

Thursday, March 14 PM

  • READ: 7 Miles a Second (cont.)
  • PLENARY: Guest lecture/conversation with curator Lia Newman; MEET AT VAC

Friday, March 15

Part 3: Reimagining the Future

Tuesday, March 19 (Week 9)

Thursday, March 21 AM
Thursday, March 21 PM
  • PLENARY: Gabrielle Bell
Tuesday, March 26 (Week 10)
Thursday, March 28 AM
Thursday, March 28 PM
  • PLENARY: Afrofuturism and Parable of the Sower
Tuesday, April 2 (Week 11)
Thursday, April 4 AM
Thursday, April 4 PM
  • READ: No assignment
  • PLENARY: Effective Altruism, Long termism, and the End of the World, featuring Children of Men, Parable of the Sower, and looking ahead to Space is the Place

Tuesday, April 9 (Week 12)

Thursday, April 11 AM

Thursday, April 11 PM 

  • Spring convocation begins at 11:15 a.m.; 12:15 p.m. classes canceled but late afternoon classes do meet
  • READ: No assignment
  • PLENARY: Suturing together a research paper

Monday, April 15 

Tuesday, April 16 (Week 13)

  • READ: Muñoz, Cruising Utopia
  • MODDLE: Understanding Muñoz
  • PLENARY: Queer Theory & Utopias Deferred

Thursday, April 18 AM

Thursday, April 18 PM

Tuesday, April 23 (Week 14) (April 22-30 is Passover) 

  • WATCH: ACT UP in Grand Central; ACT UP in St. Patrick’s Cathedral; 
  • MOODLE: Legacies of Protest
  • SECTION: ACT UP in Action

Thursday, April 25 AM


Thursday, April 25 PM Last class meeting of HUM 104 

  • READ: Nothing. All has been read. Nothing has been read. The cat lives. The cat dies.
  • PLENARY: Whither the Humanities?

Wednesday, May 1 (Week 15)

  • Verna Miller Case Research & Creative Works Symposium